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Directions for Use
Wick Trimmer

Use the wick trimmer to easily and cleanly trim your wick before each use.

Place the bottom of the angled wick trimmer close to the surface of the candle and cut the wick. The length should be about ⅛” to ¼”. Discard wick remnants picked up by the wick trimmer and wipe clean after each use. 

Trimming your wick is one of the most important candle care tips. Untrimmed wicks create a large and unstable flame. A trimmed wick makes for a clean burn and ensures less soot is formed when burning.

Candle Snuffer

The candle snuffer is an elegant way to extinguish all types of candles.

Place the candle snuffer over the flame to extinguish. Allows you to reach deep jar candles and are suitable for tapered candles. Extinguish candles without splattering wax and avoid debris from the wick to fall in.

Wick Dipper

Use the wick dipper as a smokeless way to extinguish your container candle.

The wick dipper is a long elegant tool with a bend at one end. Use the curved end to move the wick into the wax pool. The candle’s flame will vanish without smoke. Gently raise the wick to center and re-straighten. This also primes the wick with a small amount of wax allowing it to be easily lit for your next use.

The wick dipper may also be used to remove and clear debris that may have fallen into the wax pool.