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Welcoming the Season of Gathering: Four easy ways to prepare your home for fall

  As fall approaches, gatherings begin to take the form of cozier get-togethers indoors, and even the smallest of spaces can feel warm and inviting with the right styling techniques. We’ve outlined four tactics to keep in mind to ensure your home feels welcoming for the season.  Stock up on Throws In many places, fall is still a transitional time weather wise, meaning that guests will arrive wearing layers and may crave a little extra comfort upon shedding their jackets. Offering some throw blankets is a nice way to ensure that all of your visitors will remain comfortable during their time in your home. Keep these blankets on hand in a basket in your living room; it will not only...

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Styling Your Candles: How to Create a Sophisticated Setup In Your Home

  Just like pieces of jewelry finish off an outfit while making a stylish statement, candles play the same role when it comes to decorating the home. And while it’s easy to purchase a generic jar and call it a day, we believe in elevating your candle display to reflect your personal aesthetic.  What we love most about candles is that they complement any type of decor. No matter whether your style leans mid-century, glam, modern, or vintage, candles will add instant sophistication to any part of the house—from the kitchen to the powder room. Best of all, unlike many other accessories, candles are suitable for minimalists and maximalists alike; the key is in the presentation. Minimalists may choose to...

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