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Candle Sizes: The Best Candles for Each Room and Space in Your Home

When purchasing candles, size is an important factor for two main reasons: scent and illumination. You want your candle’s scent to fill the space but not in an overpowering way. You may also want to consider how much candlelight you’d want for the type of mood you are setting.

This guide will help you choose the right candles for each room and space in your home.


Understanding Candle Scents

Before we go into candle sizes, we need to understand how candle scents work so that we can choose the right candle size that won’t overpower your space.

Candles have both a cold throw and a hot throw. The cold throw is the scent that comes from the candle when the wax is solid and cold. In contrast, the hot throw is the scent that comes off a candle’s melt pool. A melt pool is the pool of melted wax when a candle is lit. The larger the melt pool, the stronger the hot throw, the stronger the scent a candle gives off.

Candles for Every Room

Now that we understand how scents work, we can dive into the best candle sizes for every room. You can learn more about the different candle types we mention in our previous blog post by clicking here.


Your entryway is the first place guests pass through to enter your home. You can make a lasting impression by placing candles with welcoming scents such as linen or light floral scents. Because guests only pass through this space, you may want to opt for a votive candle to give off the right amount of scent and light.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home where the family gathers together and where guests are entertained. This space should be scented with warm and inviting fragrances such as a bergamot or sandalwood. Depending on the size of your living room, you may opt for medium or large vessel candles and place them on coffee tables or mantels for the best effect.

Dining Room

Candles are often used in the dining room when setting the mood for special meals. The meal should shine through and because of this, unscented candles are often used. We recommend two to three taper candles in elegant candle holders to add a touch of romance and sophistication to your dining experience.


The bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation, and so soothing and calming scents like chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus will help wind you down. Smaller candles such as votive candles or container candles with 20 to 25 hours burn time works best for bedside tables or vanities. These sized candles emit a soft glow perfect for winding down.


For a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, opt for votive candles or tea lights with fresh and clean scents like eucalyptus and citrus. Place them around the bathtub, on shelves, or near the sink for a subtle, tranquil ambiance. Be cautious with scents in this space.


Depending on the activity in the kitchen, you can opt for either scented or unscented candles. When cooking meals, unscented candles are preferable to avoid clashing with the aromas of cooking. When not in use, you can opt for food-inspired scents like cinnamon or freshly baked cookies to add warmth and make the kitchen feel more welcoming.

For this space, you may use votive candles or small container candles on your kitchen counter or island. Be sure to use a candle holder to protect your space from an open candle flame.

Selecting the right candle sizes for each room in your house is all about enhancing the ambiance and functionality of the space. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere, promote relaxation, or set the mood for entertaining, candles can play a significant role in transforming your home into a welcoming haven for you and your guests. Experiment with different sizes and scents to find the ideal combination that suits your home and enjoy the warm, inviting glow that candles can bring to your living spaces.

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