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Styling Your Candles: How to Create a Sophisticated Setup In Your Home

Styling Your Candles: How to Create a Sophisticated Setup In Your Home

Just like pieces of jewelry finish off an outfit while making a stylish statement, candles play the same role when it comes to decorating the home. And while it’s easy to purchase a generic jar and call it a day, we believe in elevating your candle display to reflect your personal aesthetic.

What we love most about candles is that they complement any type of decor. No matter whether your style leans mid-century, glam, modern, or vintage, candles will add instant sophistication to any part of the house—from the kitchen to the powder room. Best of all, unlike many other accessories, candles are suitable for minimalists and maximalists alike; the key is in the presentation. Minimalists may choose to display neutral-colored candles in corresponding bases, while color-lovers may veer toward brightly hued wax. However, if you’re not sure how to style candles in your space, we have some tips that will help you create the perfect display.

Style Candles on the Coffee Table

Many people display stacks of books on the coffee table, but there is no need to stop there. Note that small objects add lots of elegance to this space, too. Add some variety by laying out a petite tray that is large enough to display a pillar candle and its holder, and finish off the look by setting out a favorite matchbook and a wick trimmer. Alternatively, try setting a matchstick holder beside your candle. Either way, the end result is both chic and functional. Placing candles in your main living space will make your home appear nice and polished. 

Style Candles on the Mantel Top 

Decorative objects look better in threes, and on the mantel top, we advise grouping a trio of taper candle holders off to one side to create an eye-catching display. Clear holders add sophistication and elegance while successfully blending with a number of color schemes and styles. For added character, place the taper holders atop a petite tray or set them next to an object like an elegant bust sculpture or vase. Plants and candles also look beautiful paired together, so don’t hesitate to place a succulent on the side of the mantel top opposite your trio of taper candles. If your fireplace is purely decorative, you may also wish to line the inside with a dozen or so pillar candles to light as you relax in the evening. 

Style Candles on the Nightstand 

When styling a bedside table, we advise setting out just one candle, given that the surface area of most nightstands is quite small. Place the candle of your choice on a tray alongside your other nighttime essentials—reading glasses, lip balm, and a sleep mask. You’ll be all set for a proper winddown routine each evening. A nightstand drawer makes for an excellent place to store all of your candle maintenance tools. However, if you do have the space up top, these pieces also look lovely displayed out in the open.

Whether you’re a candle novice or a longtime fan, now is the time to give one or all of the above spaces in your home a bit of a refresh with some thoughtful styling.

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