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Welcoming the Season of Gathering: Four easy ways to prepare your home for fall

Welcoming the Season of Gathering: Four easy ways to prepare your home for fall

As fall approaches, gatherings begin to take the form of cozier get-togethers indoors, and even the smallest of spaces can feel warm and inviting with the right styling techniques. We’ve outlined four tactics to keep in mind to ensure your home feels welcoming for the season. 

Stock up on Throws

In many places, fall is still a transitional time weather wise, meaning that guests will arrive wearing layers and may crave a little extra comfort upon shedding their jackets. Offering some throw blankets is a nice way to ensure that all of your visitors will remain comfortable during their time in your home. Keep these blankets on hand in a basket in your living room; it will not only look stylish but will also be easily accessible for anyone who visits and will make gatherings on the sofa feel ultra comfortable and relaxing. Encourage guests to help themselves to throws upon arrival; this will set a pleasant, laid-back tone for the evening. 

Perfect Your Playlist 

While the primary goal of having friends over is to socialize with one another, there is nothing wrong with a little background noise, either. After all, this will help bring some of the ambiance of your favorite restaurant or bar into your own home. Making note of a few seasonally appropriate playlists will remove any stress from last minute planning. We suggest this one compiled by POPSUGAR on Spotify; it features classics as well as contemporary hits that will put everyone in a festive autumn mood. Music can also be a great conversation starter and is an excellent way for guests who may not have previously known each other to bond, too. 

Light Your Candles

Candles are a particularly excellent touch for the home as temperatures dip. We suggest placing candles all throughout your space prior to hosting. Light a few in the bedroom if that is where you plan to have guests store their coats, place some on the bathroom vanity, and of course, light several in the living room and kitchen if that is where you will gather. To make things simple, find a candle styling setup that works for you and repeat it in each zone mentioned above. Any grouping of three is always extra visually appealing, so we recommend decorating with a trio of taper candles. Alternatively, a glass cloche candle holder looks elegant displayed on its own, if you prefer a more simple look.  

Don’t Forget Florals

The last step to ensure your home is ready for fall entertaining? Picking up some fresh flowers or dried branches. While some prefer a traditional bouquet year round, we do appreciate dried options given that they last longer and are unique to the season, making them a choice that is both aesthetically pleasant and budget friendly. A flower arrangement doesn’t have to be expensive to create, but it will always signify thought and care to those who visit. 

Once you master these basics, it will be easy to recreate a cozy fall setup year after year. If autumn isn’t already your favorite season, this very well may become the case once you master the art of designing a warm, comforting home. 



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